Slip Test and Consultancy Service for Assessment of Floor Surfaces | Australia Wide

Sliptest Australia is a leading independent slip testing company and we provide our services to numerous commercial clients throughout Australia.

We can inspect any floor area and test that it meets Australian Standards for safety. Our technicians are highly trained and utilise the latest technology available including wet pendulum tests to ensure our clients have peace of mind and comply with their insurer's requirements.

Trip Hazard Identification

We visit your premises and visually inspect all areas and report on potential trip and fall hazards which may fail to comply with either BSA or Australian Standards along with practical advice on required repairs.

Safety Audits for Floor Surface Areas

A full inspection of all floor areas is offered, we can report on potential slip or trip hazards, offer advice on remedial treatments available to bring surfaces into line with requirements of BCA and Australian Standards.

Why Choose Us?

We have over 20 years experience in the Slip Prevention Industry so you can feel confident that we know exactly what is required to ensure your floor surfaces meet public safety and insurance standards.

We can inspect any floor area and provide advice on remedial works should a tested or inspected floor area fail to comply with the requirements of the Australian Standards or BSA regulations.

Industries We Service

Body Corporates
Commercial Buildings
Insurance Companies
Loss adjusters
Legal Profession
Floor Tilers
Theme Parks
Shopping Centres
Age Care Facilities